Across America we are seeing a youthful generation engaging in unprecedented levels of violence. Mobile, Alabama, will be the first mid-sized city to curtail this problem and make a promise and commitment to its children that they will all be empowered for success!


Mayor Sandy Stimpson

Youth Empowered for Success

  • YES is a youth empowerment initiative that will address the greatest challenge facing our city-reversing the effects of violence and securing a bright future for all children.

  • YES will provide young people access to available resources to assist in education, life and job skills training, employment opportunities, mentoring, and safe, productive enrichment, and recreational programs

The success of YES is reliant upon the continued dedication of all Mobilians to create and expand opportunities and services for youth. 

Faith Based & Neighborhood Partnerships
Crime Prevention & Intervention
Enforcement & Advocacy
Enrichment & Recreational Programs
Workforce Development & Economic Opportunity

Summer Job Skills and Youth Jobs Initiative

What is the Summer Jobs Skills and Youth Employment Initiative?

One of Mayor Stimpson's priorities is to ensure young people have access to job skills training and have an opportunity to work during the summer. This initiative supports young people through their first work experience and teaches them the skills to obtain and sustain employment. Young people will work  with local businesses and also work in various departments within the City of Mobile while earning money and gaining valuable work experience.

What is the Summer Jobs Skills Program?

This summer, young people ages 14 and older will have an opportunity to learn job skills while enhancing their community. The City of Mobile has partnered with various organizations to provide job skills training and discuss community issues. The three week program will focus on job skills and community engagement.

What is the Summer Youth Employment Program?

This summer, young people ages 16 to 24 will have an opportunity to learn job skills and work experience while earning money . The six week part time employment will focus on job skills training and gaining work experience. All jobs will be facilitated in departments of the City of Mobile, local and Baldwin County businesses.

All participants in the Summer Youth Employment Program will be paid the Alabama minimum wage. Participants will only be compensated for the time worked up to the maximum number of hours permitted.

What are expectations for youth?

Once young people are approved to participate, they must successfully complete the evidenced-based work readiness training. They are expected to be active, engaged, and to always put forth their best effort.

Application Period Has Closed

Small investment. Big return.
Make a commitment this summer to hire a young person!

Help your business or organization while helping the City's youth gain job readiness skills while earning money. Your organization and/or company can participate in Mayor Stimpson's YES Initiative by serving as a worksite or by hiring youth directly to work for your organization. Youth who have a meaningful work experience are more likely to be engaged, connected to their community and likely to complete school. Be that difference this summer.

 Thank you in advance for supporting our youth. Your involvement is essential in building tomorrow's workforce.

Join the City of Mobile and hire a youth today! For additional information, contact 251-208-7777.

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