Workforce Development & Economic Opportunity

The Workforce Development and Economic Opportunity area of the YES Initiative works to ensure the City of Mobile continues to develop, strengthen and expand its system of work-readiness services, skills training and certification programs, and employment opportunities for young people.


Workforce Development and Economic Opportunity focuses on the following key areas:

  • Education Opportunities-ensure equity in education strategies that meet the standards for job readiness; monitor education outcomes including math and reading scores (4th and 8th grade), graduation rate, ACT and Work Keys scores

  • Effective School to Work Pipeline-increase key initiatives for career and technical education; monitor school-to-work effectiveness from local colleges in the Mobile Area and for students entering the local market; increase evidenced based job readiness programs for youth; increase youth employment

  • Youth Employment-monitor and grow the number of employment opportunities for young people; increase the number of people, businesses and organizations that can impact economic and job growth for the City of Mobile

    • Job expansion and promotion of existing Summer programs through business match

    • City of Mobile Summer Job Program

Each focus area thrives by building best practices and collective impact strategies to increase community and social connectedness, collaboration with local, state and national workforce initiatives, decrease social determinants and the unemployment rate.